Comprehensive & Safe Vaccine Delivery Solution


Three Pillars of our Value Delivery

Unit level traceability

Ensure safety for every life - track each unit of your vaccine Safe delivery of each unit of vaccine is critical. Label each unit, uniquely, and leverage complete traceability linked with elaborate condition monitoring to ensure the safety of every dose.

Condition compliance

Become part of a network - realize end-to-end condition compliance Offers unified network for all storages – warehouses, containers, fridges, etc. –  and devices to share condition data so that end-to-end condition compliance goals can be met.


Not just Track & Traceability - protect from counterfeiting Combines GS1 standard, Blockchain, AI, IoT, and various government databases to provide the most elaborate and trustful anti-counterfeiting check for all size Manufacturer/Brand Owner.

Solutions We Provide

Label Generator

Generate GS1-compliant labels for all packaging levels – Primary to Tertiary.

Wherever you are in your journey of serialization, you can use our label generator – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

You can design label formats, generate them, and print on target printers. Labels can be shared using a wide variety of options with your in-house printer or outsourced print vendor. You can also extend the solution to your supply chain participants.

Aggregation & Disaggregation

Use our ready-made apps or integrate your packaging pipeline with APIs to aggregate vaccines when you package them.

Our fast and intuitive disaggregation options enable your supply chain participants to receive aggregated consignments and separate them. The supply chain participants can use the solution for their own aggregation needs – helping you to achieve your goal of end-to-end traceability.

You can design label formats, generate them, and print them on target printers. Labels can be shared using a wide variety of options with your in-house printer or outsourced print vendor. You can also extend the solution to your supply chain participants.

Environment Monitoring

Monitor drug movement and its environment parameters using IoT Sensors – temperature, moisture, light exposure, shock, and more.

Opt from a range of options to monitor manufacturing facility, packages, reefer, cold storage, and more so that you are in control of your drug efficacy. The solution does not stop at monitoring. It can help you make decisions and act – e.g. reduce wastage by routing vaccines to the nearest warehouse. See ENVIRONMENT MONITORING for a detailed solution offering.

Sensors & Data Loggers

Range of sensors and data loggers for varied scenarios.

We offer various environment monitoring sensors, such as GPS Location, Temperature, Moisture, Shock, Light Exposure, etc., and Data Loggers to match your different monitoring requirements.

Be it your large warehouse packages in transit or refrigerator in a Pharmacy shop, we offer the complete range of devices to meet your goal of preserving vaccine efficacy.



Counterfeit & Compliance Check

Protect yourself from revenue loss and legal liabilities.

Blockchain, Game Theory, AI, and IoT-backed elaborate counterfeit check protects your brand. Real-time checks enable you to tackle thefts, route diversions, delivery bottlenecks, and many other aspects of your supply chain.

Additionally, take control of your compliance requirements with trustful, secure, and immutable environment monitoring data and events.

Easy Management with Selfcare

This all-in-one self-care lets you manage everything from one single application – anytime, anywhere.

Complete setup and management of the devices, their data, and insights are available through self-care. Whether it is about setting up IoT devices or linking them with packages, trucks, etc. monitoring them in real-time, or managing a device lifecycle – all you can do sitting anywhere.

End-to-end Visibility

Gain complete visibility into where your vaccines are going and what raw materials were used.

This visibility can trigger various corrective and growth decisions. It can help you in understanding distribution patterns, disease mapping – hence product targeting, supply chain bottlenecks, wastage patterns, and more.


For quick integration of new devices and 3rd party platforms, we offer secure REST APIs and SDKs with a dedicated development team to roll out your integration quickly.

If you decide to bring your own device, we offer professional services for the integration of such devices with the RealMeds platform so that you can use your existing investment.

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