Real-Time Location & Environment Monitoring Solution


Three Pillars of our Value Delivery


Do not just guess – track what your package was subjected to! For critical vaccines and drugs, it is not sufficient to track them at the container or reefer level. Understand better by using our package level tracking and reduce your wastage.


Eliminate single-point failure – optimize rejection and agility better. Map the reefer or container better with RealMeds devices and understand conditions in every corner so that you optimize rejections and take corrective measures.


Become part of a network – realize end-to-end condition compliance Offers unified network for all storages – warehouses, containers, fridges, etc. –  and devices to share condition data so that end-to-end condition compliance goals can be met.

Solutions We Provide

Sensors & Data Loggers

Range of sensors and data loggers for varied scenarios.

We offer various environment monitoring sensors, such as GPS Location, Temperature, Moisture, Shock, Light Exposure, etc., and Data Loggers to match your different monitoring requirements.

Be it your large warehouse packages in transit or your refrigerator in a Pharmacy shop, we offer complete solutions to maintain drug efficacy.



IoT Edge Device

Take your monitoring and control to the Edge.

Our Edge device pushes real-time monitoring, notification, and control close to your site. The device installed inside cold storage can monitor the sensor inputs, analyze them and take actions, locally. This enhances real-time monitoring capability in remote areas where regular connectivity to the cloud platform may not be available.

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IoT Gateway

Secure, Interoperate, and extend your IoT devices infrastructure.

IoT gateway offers extended security for the sensors and devices. It also enables the conversion of one device protocol to another and simplifies the integration of devices – speaking different protocols – with the RealMeds network.

Integrated IoT Platform

One integrated solution for complete drug efficacy.

A fully integrated IoT platform with RealMeds offers seamless data flow from sensors to the platform where it is captured, analyzed, validated, and classified by its anti-counterfeit engine. The integrated solution offers various types of setup scenarios that work for Manufacturers, 3PLs, Shippers, Cold Storage providers, retail pharmacies, and hospitals. The real-time alerts and insightful visuals make your complete supply chain responsive and agile.

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Counterfeit & Compliance check

Protect yourself from revenue loss and legal liabilities.

Blockchain, Game Theory, AI, and IoT-backed elaborate counterfeit check protects your brand. Real-time checks enable you to tackle thefts, route diversions, delivery bottlenecks, and many other aspects of your supply chain.

Additionally, take control of your compliance requirements with trustful, secure, and immutable environment monitoring data and events.

Easy management with Selfcare

This all-in-one self-care lets you manage everything from one single application – anytime, anywhere.

Complete setup and management of the devices, their data, and insights are available through self-care. Whether it is about setting up IoT devices or linking them with packages, trucks, etc. monitoring them in real-time, or managing a device lifecycle – all you can do sitting anywhere.


For quick integration of new devices and 3rd party platforms, we offer secure REST APIs and SDKs with a dedicated development team to roll out your integration quickly.

If you decide to bring your own device, we offer professional services for the integration of such devices with the RealMeds platform so that you can use your existing investment.

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