Shared Economy

Client Description

Client was a leading software consulting company in India. They wanted us to demonstrate how Blockchain can be beneficial in building shared economy for energy where anyone can participate and trade.

Engagement Model
Offshore - Fixed Price
Client Location
Blockchain Service
Use Case Discovery & Prototyping
Ethereum, Java, SmartContract, IoT, IBM Watson
Target industries
Industry agnostic, Energy, E-Vehicle Charging, Government

Value add

  • Renewable energy Verification
  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Support Industry, Corporate and Individual
  • Frugal

Solution highlights

  • Peer-to-peer communication using decentralized storage to record all transactional data.
  • Auto-accountable recorded in a chronological fashion on the blockchain consortium.
  • Current ownership and state of electricity connected direct to the production using IoT.
  • Renewable energy certification at real time with asset management before consumed.
  • Provenance of electricity to say where the electricity is coming from.
  • Tracking of origin location of electricity till it gets consumed.