Client Description

Client was a leading remittance solution provider in middle-east. They wanted us to provide a blockchain based remittance solution so that people can transfer small amount and it is remitted faster.

Engagement Model
Offshore - Fixed Price
Client Location
Blockchain Service
Use Case Discovery & Prototyping
Chain4Real, Apache libraries & frameworks, TensorFlow, TFX, Java, SmartContract, IoT, Google AI, Computer Vision
Target industries
Industry agnostic, Supply Chain

Value add

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Live exchange rates with minimal fee
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals

Solution highlights

  • Remittance and Payment Processing solution allows as a real-time gross settlement system.
  • Independent servers participate in the network as possible to ensure high availability.
  • Decentralized details of the transactions, including the KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • Cross Border Instant Settlement using blockchain enabled transaction settlement.
  • Anti Counterparty Risks Management with improved contractual performance.
  • Increased Transaction Transparency and secure money transfers across bank.
  • Reduced Fraud Via Self Sovereign Identity to reduced error handling and reconciliation.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Smart contract for country specific regulatory / guidelines.