Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Client Description

Client is a large consulting firm that was looking for a blockchain based prototype for identity and access management.

Engagement Model
Offshore - Fixed Price
Client Location
Blockchain Service
Use Case Discovery and Prototyping
NEM, Chain4Real Consortium, SmartContract, Java, Luna AI
Target industries
All Industry (Resource Management)

Value add

  • Trust & Efficiency
  • Claim processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Identity Management

Solution highlights

  • Blockchain’s transparency could repair the “crisis of trust” in this industry.
  • Streamlined data entry, combined with greater control of personal data.
  • Smart contracts ensure a faster, more streamlined process of managing claims. Once the contract requirements are met, the coverage is released and the payment is made in one seamless, automated transaction.
  • The public ledger and its ability to verify data is one of blockchain’s greatest strengths, and could also have the greatest impact on the insurance industry.
  • The current process of securing your digital identity is both centralized and based on passwords. This makes your online data and assets susceptible to attack in two ways:
  • There’s a single point of failure
  • Human error is unavoidable
  • Hyper-personalization enablers and key aspects
  • User behaviour capturing
  • Novel recommendation systems
  • Big data and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Data Privacy and Accessibility