Crypto Trading

Client Description

Client is a leading consulting and software company that wanted us to design and develop a peer-to-peer crypto-trading platform and apps (web + mobile) to rollout in 5 different countries with support for country specific languages, currencies and payment providers.

Engagement Model
Offshore - Fixed Price
Client Location
Blockchain Service
Build & Deploy end-to-end solution
Bitcoin blockchain, Computer Vision, AWS Cloud, Angular, Ionic, Node.js, Binance, BitGo, BitMex
Target industries

Value add

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Live exchange rates with minimal fee
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals

Solution highlights

  • Protection from unauthorized access to the administrator account (hacking)
  • Preventing access violation to the server.
  • AI enable automated KYC verification process for various countries
  • Secure Wallet – Two-factor authentication, multi-sig wallet.
  • Two-factor authentication for more secure access to your wallet.
  • History of financial and security audits and transactions.
  • Buy, Sell and transfer crypto currency in any currency form to beneficiary account.
  • Backed by stable and resilient infrastructure.
  • All of the digital currency pairs trading/market value search at realtime.