360° guide: How to ace the next blockchain project idea?

The blog post discusses the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the new decade, highlighting its evolving understanding and applications across industries. It delves into blockchain's features like concurrency, data immutability, smart contracts, decentralized databases, and data security, emphasizing their importance and implementation. The post also predicts blockchain's role in electric vehicle adoption and its impact on various sectors, positioning blockchain as a significant driver of change in the coming years.

Blockchain in 2020 & beyond

Blockchain is one of the least understood and highly potent technologies available to the world marching passed into a new decade. Let us consider a general pattern of how technologies have entered the technology arena and have made their mark into different niche and business requirements. The blockchain has always looked in a comfortable position to radically transform the use of her technologies for digital business solutions. Businesses are moving beyond boundaries and technologies creating a limitless ecosystem of opportunities. Blockchain development companies are continually maximizing the impact of their contribution towards making blockchain a more usable technology that impact an individual’s life to a certain extent.

What has changed in the blockchain world since 2012?

One of the significant changes that have occurred in the blockchain is the understanding of how the technology works and the possible potential of it. However, blockchain has always faced hurdles wrapped around bitcoins and cryptocurrencies’ skepticism surrounding them. But there has undoubtedly been a change beyond a smokescreen. Now blockchain is considered as a separate technology out of the influence of the entrant driver i.e cryptocurrency, which brought everyone’s attention to blockchain. Consequently, people are looking to understand and accept the potential of blockchain with various deep-diving direct applications of blockchain in industries like Public administration, renewable energy resources, real estate, HR, medicine serialization, and supply chain management.



Concurrency is the ability of a technology solution to handle multiple requests at the same time or processing different tasks simultaneously. In the context of blockchain technology, the concurrency is referred to as the ability of a blockchain-based business solution to handle various requests or transaction management operations. It includes basic operations like CRUD (create, read, update and delete). However, it is a general consideration of the fact that blockchains allow only up to 7 concurrent transactions and writing of new registries on the blockchain nodes at a time.

That is a potential feature of the core blockchain technology that puts it apart from a comprehensive cloud computing platform. Cloud is similarly capable of hosting a business solution that is comparatively more vulnerable to server attacks, cybersecurity issues, and DDoS.

Pro-tip on Concurrency

Leading blockchains development company can certainly help you create exceptional blockchain-based solutions. These solutions offer highly secured and consistent performance on the currency of transactions across various nodes and the requirement regarding the same. You should be clear between the kind of stakeholders and the maximum possible primary and secondary stakeholders who need to be looped in a particular operation that is considered as a transaction on your blockchain-based digital business system.

Whether it is about documenting or personifying a physical activity in the form of a blockchain transaction, the pre and post-operative changes in the decentralized database should be adequately explained to the requirement elicitation team. However, top blockchain development companies offer customer-centric services highly to model the functional requirements as best described by their customers into technology solutions that are feature-rich to align with the required capabilities.

Data immutability

Data immutability is one of the most salient features of blockchain
technology. It allows all the data within the database and the database model to never be hampered by any recognized and unrecognized sources or entities that are registered on a blockchain node. Data immutability is all about keeping data safe in its original form, and all the changes that are made to that particular piece of information are registered and confirmed with all other members of the blockchain.

Pro tip on data immutability

Data immutability is a general feature enjoyed by all blockchain business solutions and does not require specific mention of our planning around the same. The various encryption algorithms and hashing feature available in a blockchain system are best incorporated into a solution by leading blockchain development companies that great track record.

Smart contracts

A smart contract is a highly secured and 99.99% immutable piece of data/information (or a combination of both). It is considered ultimately safe as stored in all versions and changes made by the permission-granted members of a blockchain. Smart contracts leverage the principle of data immutability with a discrete version management list in chronological order for complete transparency. The database is managed across the digital solution based on the blockchain technology.

Protip on data immutability

For leveraging the power of smart contracts in your digital business solution, you should clearly explain the features and the best possible model.It is one of the most critical pieces of information in your digital solution. Actually, these are the ones that are needed in the underlying technology requirements. Another significant part of the information that a leading blockchain development company will need is the conditional or non-conditional access to smart contract editing rights. These are the roles and access specifiers as you need alongside the deployment of smart contracts. It can be a particular section or the architecture of your digital solution rightly placed as per your visualization is all your blogs and development partnerneeds to create highly precise blockchain-based business solutions.

Decentralization of database

Decentralization of data means that the database with the same original copy is available at different user terminals and distinct members that are all connected to the blockchain set up. Unlike client-server architecture deployed through a cloud computing platform, blockchain technology is capable of hosting highly critical database access to various stakeholders who are registered on our blockchain registry. It is based on the permissions determined by the specific roles and responsibilities.

Protip on decentralized

The most crucial point to note about decentralized databases is that the digital business solution owner should meticulously explain the to-and-fro flow of data and information in their business; with the internal and external Stakeholders. The process flow of information and highly critical data will help your chosen leading mobile app development company to model at the centralized database in a specific manner. Alongside customer-centric blockchain development company will also help you gain access to
dynamically changing control panel to editing rights to the decentralized database with the utmost ease.

Data security

Data security points towards The encrypted connection gateways,
permission environment of blockchain deployment, and various access authentication process flow of new registries on the blockchain note.

Protip on data security

Security is most likely to go wrong only in cases of clients cutting vast corners on the budget. They are mostly overlooking the most basic requirements of data security and the overall cybersecurity of the digital business solution. A leading blockchain development company differentiates itself from all others by clearly mentioning cybersecurity specifications, penetration tests, best and most secure deployment environments.It is our humble advice to all new age founders and entrepreneurs never to look aside blockchain-driven data security arrangements, which otherwise would kill one of the most significant objectives of using the respective technology.

Possible futuristic changes in blockchain development

One of the most significant contributions of blockchain is expected to be the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Blockchain is most likely to transform the pace at which the world acknowledges the need for electric vehicles and how easily they can use the same. Blockchain is a highly potent technology that was earlier misunderstood or pulled under the sheets of confusion and preconceived notion. It is now significantly changing and now 2020 is all set to be the launchpad for various industries to acknowledge this technology for its immense potential and how the world executes business.Apart from the intelligent use of blockchain technology, the future is expected to see drastically maturing sidechain components. That will make blockchain technology way more viable compared to any other technique for versatile use and complex business requirements that the future is most likely to witness.

Wrap up

Leading blockchain development companies are rocking the cradle of blockchain and how it is used has changed forever. There are some great use cases of blockchain that prove the capabilities of the technology. The drug counterfeiting solutions, and various consortiums signed by the pharma supply chain industrywill help understand its importance.On the other side, the global HR organizations are aligning on their objectives of building large-scale global standards of maintaining employee database and track individuals’ career growth put in a universal access environment. From philanthropy to climate change and social welfare,blockchain is finding critical use cases that are magically impacted by the use of blockchain technology. Thus, it doesn’t need an Einstein’s mind to understand that blockchain technology is all set to be one of the significant change-makers of the new decade.