WarePro at India Warehousing & Logistics Show


Mumbai Exhibition Center, NESCO, Mumbai

Start Date

November 21, 2023

About Event

PIPRA Solutions had a fantastic day engaging with individuals keen on Warehouse Management Solutions.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers of the India Warehousing & Logistics Show for orchestrating this event from 21 - 23 Nov’ 23 at NESCO, Mumbai, providing us with the opportunity to connect with businesses spanning various sectors such as Logistics, Warehouse Owners, CNF agents, 3PL, and more. In a landscape where technology is reshaping traditional workflows, WarePro emerges as a game-changer. Rather than challenging the traditional methods of warehouse functioning, WarePro focuses on enhancing operational efficiency, monitoring warehouse environments, and providing complete traceability of warehouses and supply chains. Leveraging new age cutting-edge technologies such as Computer Vision, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, and a modern User Interface, WarePro sets a new standard.